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Assistance to consumers

Assistance to consumers

From the moment that new legislation regarding personal bankruptcy has entered into force (that is since January 2016), consumers have at their disposal a very useful debt reduction instrument. If you have been dragged into a debt spiral, you are fed up with competing bailiffs, you want to force the bank, that is the lender, to renegotiate the terms, we are here for you. If you think that your financial problems (or the ones that you “inherited” from your partner, spouse, family member, business partner) cannot be solved and your situation is hopeless, you may find your “fresh start” in personal bankruptcy. The procedure is complicated and time-consuming, but if it’s properly performed, it will free you from your debts once and for all. In order not to get lost in a tangle of legal provisions, it is good to have a lawyer by your side, who will support you on every step of the way, who will talk to the official receiver, who will ensure that your rights are not infringed, who will draft necessary documentation and finally assist you on the trial. It is never too late to contact us.

What do we do?

We analyse the situation and help you chose the best way to restructure your personal consumer debts, as well as debts arising from your former business activity. We share our experience with you, we answer your questions and dissipate any doubts. We draft necessary documents and collect information required for the personal bankruptcy petition; we prepare and file the petition. We represent the debtor before court, in hearings and trials. We advise and support the debtor throughout the entire bankruptcy proceedings; we assist in making arrangements with the official receiver; we draft pleadings and fight for our Client’s rights. We help protect our Client’s rights during court proceedings. We seek the fastest and least painful outcome.

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