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Assistance to administrators

Assistance to receivers, administrators and administrative receivers

Participation in bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings requires focus and control over every function of an enterprise. Knowledge of many legal branches and ability to participate in numerous proceedings, on the defendant’s as well as plaintiff’s side, is essential. Whether it’s about recovering claims against a debtor or a bankruptcy estate, or claiming the return of assets under ineffective legal actions, or proceeding with a fraudulent conveyance claim, a receiver, an administrator and an administrative receiver need to be proactive at all times. Extensive bankruptcy requires acting in several proceedings simultaneously. There are also legal issues related to the bankruptcy law that require a thorough, professional analysis in order to apply proper measures.

What do we do?

We support receivers, administrators and administrative receivers with legal opinions regarding practical aspects of bankruptcy and restructuring law application. We present measured and secure solutions to specific legal issues that may be encountered in the course of bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings. We represent the receivers in proceedings regarding fraudulent conveyance claims and receivables payable to bankruptcy estate. We provide counselling on matters essential for the bankruptcy estate.

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