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Assistance to entrepreneurs

Assistance to entrepreneurs

Running a business requires continuous contact with the law. Signing agreements, negotiating terms and conditions of contracts, settling disputes – all of the above require legal expertise. Not many companies employ lawyers full-time since the needs of entrepreneurs are not always big enough to justify the costs of hiring a full-time or exclusive lawyer. Nevertheless, any entrepreneur or member of the board should be able to benefit from legal advice on an everyday basis. It’s the only way to secure your business in a dynamic and generally aggressive business world. Someone should ensure that the legal interest of an entrepreneur is reflected in their every act. The management board and members of the company shall also be protected from the potential responsibility arising from running a business. Commercial companies, in particular capital companies, need to observe complicated requirements of the Code of Commercial Companies regarding their ongoing activity, responsibility of governing bodies, reporting obligations (including those in National Court Register) or compliance with articles of association or by-laws. A dedicated lawyer who knows the company and its needs, and at the same time does not devote all their working time to the company (and therefore, is not expensive) is an ideal solution.

What do we do?

We offer corporate assistance in terms of operation of companies. We revise agreements, assist in negotiations regarding terms and conditions thereof, prepare draft documents, as well as explain the risks and legal possibilities. We provide support to meetings of shareholders, general meetings of shareholders, management and supervisory board meetings. We draft and amend articles of association. We advise on a regular basis on every civil and commercial matter that may occur in a small and medium enterprise so as to provide their owners and representatives with full legal background before they make any key decisions and to give them peace of mind that their company is safe and secured.

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